From the album The Doom Loop


We woke one day to the sound of the sirens;
found it wasn't what we did but what we didn't;
wound us up so life was tight,
we didn't have to reach to the flying cars and the Amorites

The cavemen looked ahead said we got it all
sophisticated but really have seen it wrong
the wheel, the internet of prehistoric man
pretty good, but fire was right around the bend

We took the bend around to the river's end
we made some stuff and the stuff parts starting chugging

The clouds were thick so much we couldn't breathe
but it smelled so sweet we couldn't up and leave
so we knew if we just sucked it in
the cavemen here would likely, most surely win

And we would dash and we would feel the break
but that's just the risk,
the risk we had to take

the cavemen looked ahead and the Amorites
To the flying cars, we didn't get it right