The Original Mark Edwards (OME) project started in 2002, with the first official release in 2004 (Rewind Tomorrow) on Princess Records. Since then, there have been three additional albums with the most recent being "Distortion" -- released in 2015. You can download all four albums on this site for free.


“Soul-crushingly beautiful and jarring in just the right places, (OME) is one of our very favorites on the local scene.” - L’Etoile 

“The Original Mark Edwards is arguably the most talented tech-driven pop musician in the Twin Cities.” - METRO Magazine

“An artist who is continuing to grow as an inventive and (dare I say) revolutionary figure in the musical world.” - Pulse Magazine

“Frankly, that should be impossible for one guy to pull off in a home studio - that Mark Edwards pulls it off so well is a really astounding achievement.” Lost at Sea