Welcome to the new site! 

Alright, the bare bones are here. The site will continue to grow as I have time but this gets things rolling. Under the 'Music' section, you can listen or download any of the first three OME albums. Scroll down on each page to find additional information. 

Hello World.

This is the official site for the music of (The Original) Mark Edwards.

"So, when you get your Mark Edwards, make sure it's Original Mark Edwards; accept no substitutes." - Impact Press 

The main focus of the site will be what’s happening with the OME project. However, as I’ve been involved with other projects and talking to people and just living life, I’ve realized it might be nice to have a landing spot for other things too. So, my goal is to include some things from past projects, dig up demos, scan old pictures & posters, highlight remixes, post amazing cat pics, etc. There's a lot of stuff sitting in bins under other bins. We'll see if any of it's interesting. But, it'll be fun to explore together. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away at this. Stop back when you think of it. Oh, and do me a favor and go to Facebook via the link above and like the page. That way you'll be in the know for all things OME. Thank you for listening!

There are no upcoming events right now.